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Westminister's 50th Anniversary Celebration
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'Welcome to the 60's' (Administrators) Lucille Tambara, Orqui Acosta-Hathaway, Linda Baxter, Debra Hill, Bobbi Mahler, Sharon Nordheim, Paula Mills, Tricia Urbaniec BBlues1=Janice Harrison (Saxophone), Sergio Contreras(Trumpet)
Janice Harrison (Saxophone), Sergio Contreras (Trumpet)
'Birth of the Blues' Vocal Ensemble
Bobbi Mahler
'Miss Saigon' Medley: Brittany Gerardi and Neil Starkenberg
Debi Watson and Kate Levenshus
Greg Johnson
Janice Harrison
Jessica Kirk
Jill Morrison
Linda Pogue
Matt Bartosh
'Miss Saigon' Medley: Neil Starkenberg, Alex Syiek, and Jared Marino
Nicholson Pipes and Drums
Nicole Sax
Pervis Johnson
Rob McKane
Shannon Villanueva and Linda Pogue
Shaun Miller
Shirl and Jimmy Stewart
Tim Nelson
'We're in the Money'
Dodie Beal, Luci Kazebee, Judy Martin, Tim Nelson, Wendy Pontious, Laurie Schneider, Sid Yohn
Westminster Community Gospel Chorus
'Wicked' Medley: Rachel Echeverria and Kelsey Richardson
'Wicked' Medley: Rachel Echeverria
'Wicked' Medley: Kelsey Richardson and Travis Amann
'Wicked' Medley: Hayley Toler
Opening Number
'There's No Business Like Show Business'
Opening Number

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