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Order Tickets Online

The Rose Center Theater is now proud to announce our Online Ticket Sales system. Order tickets from the comfort of your own home, print them out, and bring them to the show! CLICK HERE to access our Online Box Office!

Order Tickets by Phone

Reserving tickets by phone is simple! Call (714) - 793 - 1150 ext. 1 during one of the above designated operating times and you'll speak with a representative. Be sure to have a look at our Event Calendar to check out all the exciting events coming to the Rose Center Theater! Our staff is ready to take your order right over the phone.

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Calling for Information

We're happy to provide any information we can about our complex - and if there's something we can't answer, we're happy to refer you to the right place.

If you're interested in learning more about the production you're purchasing tickets for, we will always do our best to tell you a bit about it!

Feel free to inquire about being added to our mailing list over the phone or click the link at the bottom of the site to fill out your information online!

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