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SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: FOCUS MEDIA GROUP, INC. - Southern California's Outdoor Advertising Specialists

GARDEN GROVE, CA - As a non-profit theater company, the Rose Center Theater relies on the generosity of our donors and sponsors to aid in our mission to make the arts accessible to our local communities. Their support goes a long way in helping to make possible our vision to make the arts available to as many people in our community as possible. Sponsors like Focus Media Group, Inc. who specializes in outdoor advertising, plays a huge role in helping to spread the word about each of our Broadway-style musical theater productions every season.

With their charitable support, Focus Media Group, Inc. helps to support the Rose Center Theater by sponsoring bus shelter advertisements in our backyard which aides in spreading the good word about each RCT Musical Theater Production. By sponsoring these beautiful bus shelter advertisements, the Rose Center Theater is able to reach thousands of local commuters each and every day!

Enjoying an excellent reputation in the industry, and known for their superior services by the clients and municipalities they serve, Focus Media Group, Inc.'s experienced team in Los Angeles and Orange County has resulted in successful community and graffiti abatement programs. Providing a general market or a targeted campaign to the clients they serve, their goal continues to be to provide a first-class messaging medium at a low cost to their clients. We are sincerely grateful for all that Focus Media Group, Inc. does for us and want to say a very special "Thank You" to each member of their team who help make these bus shelters happen.

Head over to Focus Media Group, Inc.'s Facebook page for more information and contact them for all of your outdoor advertising needs! To learn more about how a partnership with the Rose Center Theater can help achieve your business goals, contact Ryan Salazar at RyanRoseCenterTheater@gmail.com or call 714-793-1149.