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Help Make the Arts Accessible to the Community

The Rose Center Theater opened in 2006 to create a home for the community to create and enjoy arts and culture together. Since then we've developed a reputation as the premiere Civic Theater of Orange County. 

That mission is supported through donations like yours. When you donate, you are not only playing an imperative role in maintaining our facilities, creating high caliber musical productions, and offering arts youth programs. When you donate, you help the local arts community have a place to exhibit their art, and creative works. 

Be part of our mission to help us continue to make the arts available and accessible in your community. 

The Rose Center Theater (Friends of the Abbey Center) is a 501c3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible. EIN is 33-0973866


The Rose Center Theater is a non-profit theatre company that works with some of the best local talent. We work with artists of all levels of experience, and our artists have gone on to star on stages around the world, and on Broadway. 


Most auditions and rehearsals take place at the Rose Center Theater. 

Get notified when we announce upcoming auditions!



The RCT Ambassador Program

The Rose Center Theater provides the opportunity for our friends and neighbors to have fun in a creative atmosphere by joining the RCT Ambassador Program. Our Ambassadors serve as ushers and ambassadors of the Rose Center providing quality and friendly service at each of our musical productions. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteer opportunities please email us today for more information!

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