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Meet Lauren Belt

Inspiring Artists Stories

Today we'd like to introduce you to Lauren Belt

Current Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Lauren, thank you for taking the time to share your story. Could you start by telling us a little about yourself?

My artistic journey began when I was seven. I had just started playing the violin in my school orchestra, and I would not have guessed how what started as a grade school hobby would turn into a lifelong passion for music and fine arts. I continued to progress in violin, leading orchestras and entering competitions. With each new challenge, experience, and opportunity, I increasingly enjoyed the fine arts community and the fine arts themselves. In addition, my music experience grew in parallel to my academic experience, as my passion for reasoning, analysis, and discovery grew as well.

Upon finishing my high school education, I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accounting at Brigham Young University. All while playing in the University Orchestra, practicing on my own, and discovering new forms of fine arts. It was in college I became increasingly interested in musical theatre. In fact, my college graduation trip was to New York so I could witness my first Broadway productions.

Upon my return to Southern California, I was elated to be living in Costa Mesa as I now live walking distance from Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Seeing show after show, I became inspired. After establishing my career as an Internal Auditor, I decided to also pursue my passion for musical theatre and attended classes at South Coast Repertory. It was there I discovered my passion for musical theatre could be more than just appreciation. I had the desire to perform and I auditioned for the Rose Center Theater’s Cinderella. The Rose Center Theater created such a positive environment and enjoyable experience that I then auditioned for Mary Poppins. Playing the role of Mrs. Corry in Mary Poppins has been one of my favorite performing experiences. Needless to say, my love for music and performing, along with the incredible community created in musical theatre, encourages me to continue my fine arts journey.

Can you tell us a little more about what you've been working on recently?

I am currently focused on expanding my audition book by exploring and practicing pieces from musicals outside my most practiced styles. I am also working on expanding my dancing experience by taking Broadway Jazz classes and learning music video and ensemble choreography.

What's the best piece of advice you've received?

Live with passion, because when living with passion the world becomes clearer, brighter, and more colorful than you could have ever imagined.

What inspires you? Can you tell us about something that maybe inspired you to pursue a life in the arts?

One life event that inspired me was my first performance in the ensemble of Cinderella at Rose Center Theater. This proved to me that even though I am a full time business woman, my passion for musical theatre can still be pursued. If you love to do something enough, you will find time for it. Therefore, I am most inspired each time I step on stage. That moment is proof that dedication pays off and that the fine arts, musical theatre, and creativity can all thrive if we set our minds to it.

The mission of The Rose is to make the arts accessible in the community. What purpose do you think the arts or artists play in today's society?

In society, arts and artists have the role to inspire. Through a single performance, song, or dance, at least one person can be inspired to pursue their own passion, take chances, make changes in the world, or change the way they view themselves and others. A single ounce of inspiration can go a long way.

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Ryan Salazar

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