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13 Podcasts Every Actor Should Be Listening To


"Whether you’re listening at the gym or on the way to auditions, podcasts are a wonderful way to learn about your craft and be inspired on the go. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 13 podcasts that come highly recommended by other actors. Some of these are still releasing new episodes while others are not but are still worth a listen!"


Speak L.A. Podcast Speak L.A. is an exciting podcast hosted by Jen Jostyn and Camille Thornton-Alson that interviews the top players in the film and TV industries. This podcast regularly features celebrities like Connie Briton, Ron Livingston, George Wendt (“Cheers”), and top Hollywood agents and casting directors. They also host live podcast interviews with a studio audience in the L.A. area.

In the Envelope Backstage’s own podcast features intimate, inspirational interviews with top acting awards contenders of stage and screen. Guests have included Allison Janney, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bryan Cranston, and many, many more. It’s truly a must-listen for anyone looking for advice, inspiration, and a feeling of camaraderie that even today’s big names didn’t always have it easy.

The Parsnip Ship The Parsnip Ship hosted by Iyvon Edebiri has been showcasing bold new plays by emerging and established playwrights since 2016. Now in its fifth season, this play podcast is revolutionizing the way you hear theater.

Hometown to Hollywood “Hometown to Hollywood” is an uplifting and educational podcast hosted by Bonnie J. Wallace. I love this one because Bonnie is the real deal. As the author of “The Hollywood Parents Guide” and the mother of Emmy-winning actress Dove Cameron, she knows first-hand what it takes to be a successful child actor

Sound Advice If you’re a voice actor or want to be one, check out “Sound Advice,” hosted by Backstage Expert Kate McClanaghan and veteran voice actor Jeff Finney. You’ll get the scoop on current trends and techniques to help you break into today’s voiceover market.

Audition Secrets with Justin Guarini Need help with the audition process? Then check out Broadway veteran Justin Guarini’s Audition Secrets Podcast. The podcast will show you what it takes to stand out from the competition! Learn how to avoid common mistakes and make it to the next level of your musical theater career through interviews with industry stars, directors, creatives, and actors.

Box Angeles Mike “Box” Elder hosts interviews with casting directors, agents, comedians, and working actors about how and why they got started in the business.

Actor CEO Host Mike Moreno interviews actors, casting directors, and other industry professionals in theater, film, and television. Tune in to learn tips, tricks, and best practices that help actors focus on what they can control and be the boss of their career.

The Think Bigger Podcast This podcast is hosted by veteran actor and certified life coach DaJuan Johnson (Amazon’s “Bosch,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) and features fellow artists and industry professionals having honest conversations about their path to success.

Broadway’s Backbone This podcast is dedicated to the voices you don’t always hear from: the chorus of dancers, singers, and actors who are the backbone of every Broadway musical. Each episode interviews a Broadway veteran about their career, life, and dreams.

10,000 “No’s” Actor Matthew Del Negro describes his career as being told “no” for a living. Here, he gets up close and personal with top-shelf folks from all walks of life about the “10,000 no’s” they’ve endured and the struggles they’ve overcome on the journey to where they are today.

Audrey Helps Actors Here Audrey Moore speaks with someone from the business to offer advice for actors on everything from auditions to how to better utilize your union.=

VOHeroes Podcast The “VOHeroes Podcast” is hosted by voice actor David H. Lawrence XVII who every episode gives listeners a look into the art, commerce, and other aspects of voiceover.

As first published on Backstage.

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