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A Mother's Strength: Kristin Caputo Brings a Fresh Take on Mrs. Potts in Rose Center Theater's Beauty and the Beast

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a timeless classic, enchanting audiences with its magical story, unforgettable songs by Alan Menken and Tim Rice, and beloved characters. This summer, the Rose Center Theater in Westminster, California, is bringing the beloved fairy tale to life, June 28th through July 14th, and theatergoers are in for a special treat. Among the talented cast is Kristin Caputo, who graces the stage as Mrs. Potts, the warm and wise teapot who brings a touch of maternal love to the Beast's enchanted castle.

For Kristin, taking on the role of Mrs. Potts is more than just stepping into a costume. "To play such an iconic character, and be a part of the pantheon of incredible actors who have portrayed her, from the original Mrs. Potts, Angela Lansbury, to the original Broadway Potts, Beth Fowler, to the live-action movie version of Mrs. Potts, Emma Thompson, is an honor," she says. "They are all beautifully strong, intelligent, kind-hearted women, and it's an honor to stand amongst them and bring this beautiful character to life."

But Kristin's portrayal promises a fresh take on the beloved character. Traditionally, Mrs. Potts has been depicted as a grandmotherly figure. Kristin, however, brings a new perspective. "Disney animated Mrs. Potts as more of an older, grandmotherly figure because Angela Lansbury voiced the character," she explains. "It never made sense to me as Mrs. Potts is the mother to a young child." Kristin's Mrs. Potts will be a "young mother fighting to protect her young child and making the best of what seems to be an impossible situation," she says. "Her kindness and good-natured ways will extend to all, and she will help to guide others as together they remember what is the most important thing of all, love."

This focus on Mrs. Potts's maternal strength adds a new layer of depth to the character and the story. It's a portrayal that Kristin is excited to share with audiences. "I'm so very excited to work with this incredible cast of actors, singers and dancers!" she exclaims. "From our first read/sing-through, I have been in awe of everything I have already seen and heard! The talent is exploding in rehearsals and I can't wait to see where our amazing creative team will take us all as a cast, and as individuals, to bring to life a stunning, heart-warming experience for every audience member, both young and old."

And what about that iconic song, "Beauty and the Beast (Tale as Old as Time)"? Kristin lights up at the mention of it. "Oh, this one is easy," she says. "Performing it is an honor. It's a gentle and beautiful moment between two characters who are experiencing a myriad of emotions as they discover what they mean to one another: trepidation, self-discovery, forgiveness, and perhaps most importantly, love." Kristin's passion for the role and the production is infectious.

This Beauty and the Beast promises to be a magical experience, filled with stunning visuals, talented performers, and a heartwarming story brought to life with a fresh perspective. With Kristin Caputo's captivating performance and the theater's commitment to excellence, this is a production that is sure to leave audiences young and old with memories that will last a lifetime. So, gather your family and friends, and prepare to be swept away by a timeless tale of love, beauty, and the power of a mother's strength. Get your tickets today! 

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