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Behind the Feathers: Meet Bernadette Colette Peters, the Sass Queen of Beauty and the Beast!

The Rose Center Theater in Westminster, California is abuzz with anticipation for their upcoming production of Disney's beloved classic, Beauty and the Beast, on stage June 28th through July 14th. But amidst the soaring melodies of Alan Menken and Tim Rice, and the enchanting costumes that promise to transport audiences to a world of magic, there's one cast member generating a particular kind of excitement – Bernadette Colette Peters!

Taking on the scene-stealing role of Babette, the sassy feather-dusted maid, Bernadette is ready to bring her own brand of theatrical flair to the Orange County stage. "I'm so excited to take on the role of Babette!" she exclaims. "I get to prance around and be saucy, flirtatious and comical, all while having a French accent. What else could anyone want!?" she laughs.

Anyone who's seen Bernadette light up the stage in productions like Little Shop of Horrors and Mamma Mia! knows exactly what audiences can expect: a whole lot of sass and, as she playfully warns, "a whole lot of feathers. So, warning… don't get too close, or you might sneeze!" But beyond the feathers and the French accent, what truly resonates with Bernadette about this production is the timeless message at its heart. "I absolutely love the message of this show!" she shares. "It is all about love and the classic, never judge a book by its cover." This theme, along with the chance to reunite with fellow cast members at the Rose Center Theater, fills her with excitement.

While Bernadette remains tight-lipped about a specific song she's looking forward to performing, she can't wait to share the stage with her talented co-stars. "I'm looking forward to hearing my cast-mates sing all of their songs!" she enthuses. "This is such a talented cast of performers… you do not want to miss this show!"

For aspiring performers, Bernadette offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice: "Life is short. Don't let fear get in the way of doing what you love!" This sentiment reflects not only in her own career but also in the vibrant spirit she brings to the character of Babette.

When asked what she's most excited for audiences to experience, Bernadette's answer is clear: "The story! It's fun for the entire family! All of the musical numbers are a treat and the music is just gorgeous!"

With a cast like this, a timeless tale brought to life, and the promise of dazzling costumes and unforgettable music, Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the Rose Center Theater is shaping up to be this summer's must-see event. So, take Bernadette's advice: Support live theater, experience the magic of Beauty and the Beast, and witness the sheer joy Bernadette Colette Peters brings to the sassy, feathered world of Babette. 

Don't miss your chance to be our guest! Tickets are selling fast, so secure yours today and prepare to be enchanted by this classic tale brought to life with dazzling costumes, stunning sets, and a whole lot of heart.

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