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BroadwayWorld Regional Awards Nominations Now Open

This year the BroadwayWorld Regional Awards are back and bigger than ever, celebrating the best in local theatre of the past decade! In a time when theatre across the globe is facing unprecedented obstacles - BroadwayWorld wanted to take the time to celebrate past achievements while looking forward to the productions of the future!

Community theatre productions, student productions, and college productions are all included! Eligibility is for productions which opened between 2011 and September 30th, 2020. BroadwayWorld's local editors have set the categories and now YOU get to nominate and vote for your favorites! Nominations are reader-submitted and will be open through October 31.

After the nomination period ends, BroadwayWorld's local editors will proof the list for eligibility and errors, then voting will begin in early November and run through December 31. Winners will be announced in January!

If you've ever seen an RCT Musical Theater Production, we invite you to nominate your favorites here!

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