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From Mommy to Madame: Laura Pasarow Bangasser, the Big-Voiced Madame De La Grande Bouche in Rose Center Theater's Beauty and the Beast

The Rose Center Theater in Westminster, California is gearing up for a spellbinding production of Disney's beloved classic, Beauty and the Beast, June 28th through July 14th. But amidst the enchanted objects and the blossoming romance between Belle and the Beast, one character promises to bring a healthy dose of laughter and vocal fireworks: Laura Pasarow Bangasser, who takes on the flamboyant role of Madame De La Grande Bouche.

For Laura, stepping into the shoes of the opera-loving wardrobe mistress is a delightful departure from the ingenues and dance roles that have dominated her career. "I'm so excited to finally show off my (usually inner) loud and eccentric side!" she exclaims. Fans can expect a comedic portrayal that lives up to Madame's name, which translates to "Lady with the Big Mouth." "She's a larger-than-life personality," Laura says with a chuckle, "and quite the accomplished singer. She just tickles me to the core!"

After taking part in the Rose's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat earlier this year, this production holds a special significance for Laura as it continues her return to the stage after a hiatus dedicated to her role as "Mommy" to her two sons. "I'm thrilled to be back in my element again," she beams, "along with this exceptionally talented cast." The return is even more heartwarming as her eldest son, Allan (9), is himself blossoming into a performer. Sharing this theatrical experience adds another layer of joy to Laura's participation.

While many eagerly await the iconic songs like "Beauty and the Beast" and "Gaston," Laura is particularly enthusiastic about "Human Again." This powerful ballad, cut from the original animated film, showcases the enchanted objects' yearning to break the spell. "It starts with the main characters longing for their old lives," Laura explains, "and then swells into a beautiful song and dance number involving the whole ensemble." This hidden gem promises to be a moving highlight for long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Laura's journey as a performer is an inspiration to aspiring actors. When asked for advice to her younger self, she offers a simple yet powerful message: "Just keep going… keep trying! There are times when you'll doubt your abilities, but keep working hard and you'll surprise yourself. It's the hard stuff that will help you grow. You can do more than you think you're capable of!"

Her passion for music is evident not just in her portrayal of Madame De La Grande Bouche, but also in her personal life. "Music is a huge part of me," she confesses. "I grew up with a talented singer as a mom, and there's not often a moment where there isn't music running through my head." This love for music extends beyond singing, as Laura reveals her talent for crafting beautiful costumes – a skill that would surely impress even the meticulous wardrobe, Madame De La Grande Bouche.

The magic of live theater is something Laura is eager for audiences to experience. "Many of us grew up watching the animated film," she says, "but it's a whole different experience feeling the magic of it all, live on stage." From the dazzling costumes to the powerful vocals, the Rose Center Theater's production promises to be a captivating experience for all ages.

Need more reason to book your seats? Laura puts it simply, "There's something for everyone in this show!" Don't miss your chance to be our guest! Tickets are selling fast, so visit the Rose Center Theater website or call their box office today!"

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