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"Getting to Know You" with Karin Williams

WESTMINSTER, CA - "What attracted me to acting and performing is the true joy of being part of a collaborative team showcasing a musical story to a live audience." Karin says during our interview.

Karin Williams is no newcomer to the Rose Center Theater, having performed in a number of our past RCT Musical Theater Productions. Karin's past productions include Spamalot, A Christmas Carol, Oliver!, and Sweeney Todd.

Excerpts from our chat:

What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actor? Knowing that with each musical I complete, I have continued growth and knowledge of the art form.

Do you have a specific way of preparing for auditions? To prepare for each audition, I make sure that my song is appropriate in type and length, I appear professional, and that I have everything I need in advance. Before the actual audition, I make sure my voice and body are both warmed up properly.

What is the most frustrating part of being a performer? For me, it is always the audition process. Although I practice my auditions in advance, having to sing alone always wakes up my nerves!

How do you handle rejection? Rejection is part of life; I try my best to learn from them. I do a quick reflection on reasons why I wasn’t chosen, then I continue my vocal lessons and prepare for whatever the next audition may be. Continue to move forward!

Anything motivate you as a performer? Being as I am usually in the ensemble, what motivates me is to do the best I can so we have a solid ensemble team. If your ensemble is solid, it helps your leads relax into their own roles easier.

Do you have a dream role you'd love to play? I feel like my dream role constantly changes! Currently, my dream role is Dawn in Waitress. Being as I am trying more to be a character actor, I feel like my own quirkiness can assist with making that role more unique. As far as ensembles, my dream would be to be in the Wicked or Les Miserables ensembles.

What is your process like in preparing for a role? Making sure I know the antecedent of my characters behaviors. Even in the ensemble, we should always be aware of our characters backgrounds, why they happen to be in a specific place, and reasoning behind decisions.

What is a fun fact about you that people wouldn’t be aware of?I am a competitive Irish dancer, currently in the adult Prizewinner level.

Have you trained to better yourself as a performer? Training is definitely a must for any performer. Currently I am training vocally. In the past, I have trained in broadway and rhythm tap dancing, as well as acting for the theater.

What is the most fun role you’ve ever played? It would have to be the Mime in Spamalot! My time in the “spotlight,” if you will.

What is the hardest role you’ve ever played? Sweeney Todd was the most difficult for me due to Sondheim. Sondheim is just hard.

Do you have a favorite actor or performer? My favorites include Angela Lansbury, Idina Mendel, Sutton Foster, Susan Egan, Terrance Mann, John Lithgow, Lin Manuel-Miranda, and Neil Patrick Harris. Along with so many more!

Any advice to other actors or aspiring performers? Keep moving forward. Rejections are just learning moments. Do the work, believe in yourself, and go the distance.

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