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The Transformative Power of "Man of La Mancha" – A Conversation with Chris Caputo - Part 2

Welcome back to our journey through the enchanting world of "Man of La Mancha." In this second part of our exclusive interview with Chris Caputo, the talented actor who brings Don Quixote to life, we explore the heartwarming moments, onstage mishaps, and the profound relevance of the production in today's world.

"The Impossible Dream" isn't just a song; it's the beating heart of "Man of La Mancha." Chris Caputo, who has portrayed Don Quixote multiple times, reveals that his favorite moment in the show isn't the iconic anthem, but the poignant finale. "Every time I step on the stage as Don Quixote, I become him," he shares. "It doesn’t matter how many times I have performed the role, each time is a new journey, a quest if you will. For me as an actor, it is a privilege to put on the beard and mustache, the armor and helmet, and hold his broken staff high in hopes that I, too, can inspire the audience to see as Don Quixote does."

Chris's emotional connection to the character extends to a profound behind-the-scenes moment that he shares exclusively with us. "My favorite moment in the whole show is not singing the Impossible Dream (although that is a great moment), it's the ending of the show," he reveals. "As the actor playing Cervantes/Don Quixote, I have a view the audience does not see. In the final moment of the show, Cervantes walks up the stairs to face the inquisition. As he walks, each of the prisoners stand, turn to him and sing, echoing back the words of the Impossible Dream. It's at that moment that Cervantes knows he has touched the lives of these destitute prisoners and forever changed them."

With the resonance of "Man of La Mancha" in mind, Chris delves into the production's significance for the community. "Man of La Mancha is a reminder to us all to inspire to be a better person, to live a better life," he states passionately. "When we see Man of La Mancha performed, it allows us to ride with Don Quixote to a brighter tomorrow."

As we conclude this captivating conversation, Chris Caputo's embodiment of Don Quixote's ideals echoes beyond the stage. "Every time I step onto the stage," he muses, "I carry the torch of hope that Don Quixote bears, and I hope that the audience will join me on this transformative journey."

Don't miss your chance to see Chris Caputo take on the role of Don Quixote in the Rose Center Theater's production of "Man of La Mancha" playing for an extremely limited 6-performance engagement. Get your tickets now at

Playing at the Rose Center Theater

September 10-23, 2023

2:00 PM Matinee Performances: September 10 and 17

7:30 PM Evening Performances: September 15-16 and 22-23

For tickets and further information, please visit

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Stay tuned for more updates as we delve deeper into the world of Man of La Mancha. Get ready to be swept away on an adventure in search of the impossible dream!

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