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Beyond Gaston's Shadow: Unveiling the Actor Set to Bring Lefou to life in Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the Rose Center Theater

The spotlight often shines brightest on the leading characters, but in the upcoming production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the Rose Center Theater (June 28 - July 14), a scene-stealing performance is brewing in the wings. 

Stepping into the shoes of the delightfully duplicitous Lefou is actor Garrett Brown, a seasoned Rose Center Theater performer who promises to bring a fresh perspective to this iconic (and often overlooked) role.

For Brown, Lefou is more than just Gaston's loyal (and slightly dim-witted) sidekick. He sees the character as a complex individual, a "social survivor" driven by a desperate need to please and maintain his precarious number two status. "The role of Lefou begs of me to showcase how vital a player this 'sidekick' actually is!" says Brown.

No stranger to the Rose Center Theater stage, for over a decade Brown has charmed audiences in a variety of roles, including Sir Robin in Spamalot, Tobias in Sweeney Todd, Flotsam in The Little Mermaid, Will Parker in Oklahoma!, Rip in Rip Van Winkle, and the Muleteer/Guitarist/Barber in Man of La Mancha

A Servant with a Hidden Depths: Exploring the "Lazzi" of Lefou

Brown's approach to Lefou is deeply rooted in the traditions of Commedia dell'Arte, a form of improvisational theater known for its physical comedy and stock characters. He plans to explore the "lazzi," the playful tricks and gags that define these roles. Audiences can expect a nuanced portrayal, where Lefou's comedic antics mask a surprising amount of cunning and self-preservation. "Hopefully the audience can catch a sense of humanity from my Lefou," says Brown. "He desperately attempts to maintain his #2 status... by any means necessary. If I can get just a handful of audience members to empathize, or even be on my side, I will have done my job to humanize this conflict."

From "Gaston" to "Maison Des Lunes": Embracing the Physicality and Harmony

Rehearsals hold particular excitement for Brown. He can't wait to delve into the demanding physicality of the role and collaborate with the director and choreographer to create a truly memorable performance. Brown is particularly looking forward to the iconic "Gaston" number, praising Jenn Matthews and Diane Makas for their planned "challenging and impressive choreography."

However, his enthusiasm isn't limited to the show-stopping numbers. He also harbors a special affection for the hauntingly beautiful "Maison Des Lunes," a song known for its rich three-part harmonies. "I'm looking forward to finding and performing that 'goosebumps' moment that comes from the spooky harmonies," he reveals.

A Word to His Younger Self and a Challenge to the Audience

Reflecting on his own journey as a performer, Brown offers sage advice to his younger self: "put greater effort into staying limber and being a stronger dancer." But this self-deprecating remark only underscores his dedication to constantly improving his craft. Looking towards the audience, Brown throws down a playful challenge. When asked who, besides Gaston, might impress Lefou, he slyly reveals, "Although he'd never say it out loud, I think he's pretty impressed with Maurice." This unexpected answer further hints at the depth Brown will bring to the character.

An Escape Filled with Heart and Talent: Why You Shouldn't Miss Beauty and the Beast

Brown's ultimate hope for the audience is twofold: an escape from the daily grind and a chance to witness the exceptional talent on stage. "It's no secret that times are tough," he acknowledges. "This production is a timely reminder of the importance of kindness and the beauty that radiates from the human heart."

He concludes with a bold promise: "This cast is basically star-studded. Many of the Rose's top performers are returning... but I am also SO excited for the top-tier NEW talent that joined to tell this enchanting story. I implore you to TRY to find a weak link in this chain. In fact, I DARE you!"

Don't miss your chance to be swept away by the magic of Disney's Beauty and the Beast! Secure your tickets today and prepare to be charmed by the deviously delightful Lefou, brought to life by the talented Garrett Brown.

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