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Support Your Local Arts Community & Join Together Again

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Picture it... it's a warm summer evening, 7:30pm PDT on Saturday August 29.

You get your quarantine family together, to make some dinner, grab some popcorn, bake a cake, make yourself a drink, and then sit down in your living room to enjoy artists perform for you, from across the county.

Now picture this... at the exact same moment you're sitting with your family enjoying the magic of theater, another family located two blocks down, the next city over, or even across the country, made up of folks who love and support the arts just like you, are doing the exact same thing.

That is what TOGETHER AGAIN is all about!

The arts are something that we all enjoy on a daily basis. Whether we're reading a book, watching our favorite television show, enjoying the music of our favorite singers, or watching Youtube recordings of dancers making magic down Main Street USA, the arts has always played an essential role in supporting the morale and spirit of society.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the arts community to its core. Without live events, theaters in our community have suffered pain beyond belief. Some have even closed their doors altogether. The sanctuaries that we once used as a respite from our daily lives are now facing unprecedented challenges that are putting the very future of the arts in danger.

We at the Rose Center Theater firmly believe that through these tumultuous times, the arts community has proven time and time again that not only are we at are strongest when we are united, but that we are at the forefront of forward thinking ideals and ingenuity.

That is where you come in!

By joining TOGETHER AGAIN with us, and other like-minded families across the country, enjoying the talents of artists from L.A. to Broadway, you'll not only get a much needed reprieve from the divisiveness of today, you'll also be ensuring that the arts don't simply survive, but thrive in a post-pandemic world.

So please, we ask that you and your family make a small donation of just $10, or at whatever comfortable giving level you so choose, and join us TOGETHER AGAIN and re-affirm your commitment to support your local arts community.


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