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Unveiling the Stars of the Musical Masterpiece, "Man of La Mancha"at OC's Rose Center Theater

The stage is nearly set for a theatrical experience like no other. In the heart of Orange County's performing arts scene, the Rose Center Theater is gearing up for a spectacular performance of the timeless Broadway classic, Man of La Mancha. From September 10th to September 23rd, 2023, the theater will come alive for 6 performances of this exceptional production.

A Glimpse into "Man of La Mancha"

Man of La Mancha is a true masterpiece of musical theater, blending drama, romance, and adventure into a timeless tale of hope and chivalry. Set in the dark dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition, the story follows the indomitable spirit of Miguel de Cervantes, who, in his darkest hour, transforms into the noble Don Quixote. His quest? To champion justice, right the world's wrongs, and win the heart of the fair maiden, Dulcinea. As Cervantes and his loyal squire, Sancho, journey through the imaginative landscape of Don Quixote's mind, they encounter a vivid cast of characters, each with their own dreams and struggles. It's a journey that will take you from the dungeons to the enchanting world of windmills and giants, all set to a sweeping, unforgettable score.

Meet the Distinguished Cast

Any great production relies on the talents and dedication of its cast, and Man of La Mancha at the Rose Center Theater is no exception. Let's meet the stars who will bring this epic tale to life:

Chris Caputo as Cervantes / Don Quixote

In the role of the enigmatic Miguel de Cervantes, we have Chris Caputo, whose commanding presence and powerful vocals promise to captivate audiences from the very first note. As he transforms into the idealistic Don Quixote, get ready to be swept away by his unwavering commitment to chivalry.

Melissa Cook as Aldonza / Dulcinea

Melissa Cook takes on the dual role of Aldonza, the cynical kitchen wench, and her alter ego, the ethereal Dulcinea. With her remarkable vocal range and emotional depth, Cook is poised to deliver a mesmerizing performance that will leave you spellbound.

Cliff Senior as Sancho

Sancho, the faithful and endearing squire to Don Quixote, is portrayed by Cliff Senior. His impeccable comedic timing and genuine warmth will have you rooting for him throughout the show. Sancho's unwavering loyalty to his master is both heartwarming and humorous.

Tom Orr as Governor / Innkeeper

Tom Orr graces the stage as the authoritative Governor and Innkeeper. His commanding presence and versatile acting skills bring depth to these pivotal characters in the tale. Expect moments of tension and intrigue as he interacts with the delusional knight.

Vincent Aniceto as Duke / Dr. Carrasco

Vincent Aniceto takes on the dual role of the Duke and Dr. Carrasco. His versatility shines as he switches between these contrasting characters, adding layers to the story's complexity. Dr. Carrasco's ulterior motives and the Duke's aristocratic demeanor will keep you guessing.

Alexis Karol as Antonia

As Antonia, Alexis Karol embodies the innocence and purity of Don Quixote's dream world. Her angelic voice and graceful presence add a touch of enchantment to the production, serving as a symbol of the beauty and goodness that Quixote strives to protect.

Tim Nelson as Padre

Tim Nelson brings a sense of gravitas to the role of Padre, a character who grapples with the moral dilemmas presented by Don Quixote's idealism. Nelson's performance will make you ponder the complex themes at the heart of Man of La Mancha.

Kristin Henry as Housekeeper

The Housekeeper, played by Kristin Henry, adds a dose of practicality to the story. Her no-nonsense attitude and impeccable comedic timing provide moments of levity amid the drama.

Teresa Orr as Maria (Innkeeper's Wife)

Teresa Orr steps into the role of Maria, the Innkeeper's Wife, with charm and grace. Her character's interactions with Don Quixote and Sancho offer glimpses of warmth and humanity in the midst of their adventures.

Erik Duane as Captain of The Inquisition

Erik Duane takes on the formidable role of the Captain of The Inquisition. His imposing presence and commanding voice make him a formidable adversary to Don Quixote's idealism.

Trevin Stephenson as Barber / Muleteer

Trevin Stephenson showcases his versatility by portraying both the Barber and a Muleteer. In addition to his impressive vocals, his comedic flair and physicality add a touch of humor to the production's ensemble.

Get ready to be dazzled by the vibrant ensemble of Man of La Mancha at the Rose Center Theater. Ray Tezanos, as Pedro, exudes energy and flair, infusing life into the character of one of the colorful Muleteers. Mikey Smith, playing Anselmo, brings charisma and charm to the stage, adding depth to the group dynamic. Brett Popiel adds his unique energy to this spirited group of Muleteers, injecting zest into the production.

Landon Mariano takes on the multifaceted role of Tenorio, and showcases his dance skills as a Moorish Dancer. Taven Blanke embodies the character of Paco, contributing depth to the ensemble of Muleteers, and his versatility shines as he takes on the role of a Moorish Dancer, contributing to the show's visual spectacle. Dave Elliott's portrayal of the Guard and participation as a Muleteer highlight his impressive range as an actor, adding depth to the vibrant tapestry of characters in the production.

Sofia Aniceto graces the stage as the mesmerizing Moorish Dancer Soloist, captivating the audience with her graceful dance sequences. Additionally, she takes on the role of a Prisoner, adding layers to the story's exploration of captivity and freedom. Laurel Brookhyser seamlessly transitions between her roles as a Moorish Dancer and a Prisoner, underscoring the theme of confinement and longing for freedom. Bailey Curtis adds her unique flair to the ensemble of Moorish Dancers and Prisoners, while Avi Walton's portrayal of Fermina adds vulnerability and humanity to the ensemble of Prisoners, and Erica Duane's presence on stage as a Prisoner adds poignancy to the exploration of captivity and redemption. Macaila Dorney completes the ensemble of Prisoners, collectively representing the struggles and aspirations of those held captive in the world of Man of La Mancha.

The Magic of Live Theater Productions Near You

As we bid adieu to the mundane, and immerse ourselves into a world of the impossible, we invite you to share in the wonder of the Rose Center Theater's production of Man of La Mancha. It's a time for dreams, for laughter, and for inspiration—a time when the stage becomes a mirror reflecting the hero within us all.

So mark your calendars for September 10th to September 23rd, 2023, and join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of Don Quixote. Let the music, the characters, and the sheer magic of Man of La Mancha transport you to a place where dreams come alive and chivalry reigns supreme.

Experience the enchantment of Man of La Mancha at the Rose Center Theater from September 10th to September 23rd, 2023. Book your tickets now and let your dreams take flight. For tickets and further information, please visit:

Special Offers and Contact Information

The Rose Center Theater offers discounted rates for groups of 20+ and for our military & first responder patrons. For more information about our theater events or the venue in Orange County, contact our box office at or leave a message at 714-793-1150 ext. 1.

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