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Watch the Movie Before Heading to the Theater!

Screen the film that the world premiere stage adaptation Waiting in the Wings: The Musical is based off of.

Now through the end of the year, The Rose is teaming up with musical streaming service, to provide you with a 10% discount on the rental or purchase of the film, Waiting in the Wings: The Musical! Even better, using the special code will automatically donate 50% of your transaction directly to the Rose Center Theater! See below for details.

Using your Code:


  2. Locate "Waiting in the Wings: The Musical"

  3. Select RENT or BUY

  4. Enter your email

  5. Choose a password

  6. Select "I HAVE A PROMO CODE"

  7. Enter ROSEWINGS10

That's it! Your rental will be available for 72 hours after you hit PLAY and purchases can be watched as many times as you'd like, and will be stored in your library on

Watch the movie before getting your tickets or heading to the theater!

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