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Why We Tell The Story - The Power of the Performing Arts

WESTMINSTER, CA - The history of the performing arts is as old as humankind itself. To many, performing arts - singing, dancing, painting, playing a musical instrument, composing - seem as essential to life as eating, sleeping, or blinking. The power of the arts also has an uncanny ability to circumvent differences and bridge cultural divides that bring people together. Even under current circumstances, people are flocking to their favorite online streaming platform to watch actors, performers, and artists create their own respective forms of performance art.

Even amidst these uncertain times, the Rose Center Theater continues to firmly believe in the power of the performing arts to bring people and communities together. We may not be able to be together in person at the moment, but that can't stop us from working towards our mission to raise arts awareness to our local communities. Which is why we want to share the production that kicked it all off, with a glimpse back at our 2006 inaugural musical, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty's Once On This Island! Just like we say in Once On This Island, "YOU are why we tell the story!"

People often speak of how much happier they are when they are able to perform, and many will tell you how much healthier they feel after getting their creative juices flowing through singing, dancing, painting, or playing an instrument. Art, dance, music: these are all forms of creative expression that need no translation. When we hear the down beat to the overture of our favorite musical, we can picture the house lights going down in the theater and feel the anticipation of the magic we are about to witness. When we watch performers on stage dancing their hearts out, we find meaning that transcends words. No matter the medium, the performing arts continues to be a unifying force within our society.

Please consider making a donation, of any amount, to the Rose Center Theater today. Now more than ever, your generous support and patronage of the arts is going a long way in ensuring the Rose Center Theater can continue our mission to to raise arts awareness to our local and underserved communities.

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