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Our Sincerest Thank You to the Artists and Patrons Who Went Above and Beyond in 2020

What a year it has been. As we head into the last days of 2020, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of the artists and supporters of the Rose, and express how thankful we are for the love and generous support we have received this past year. There is no way to fully convey our humblest gratitude for your loyalty, patronage, and support. We at the Rose Center Theater are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of our patrons, friends, family, and supporters of The Rose who consistently answer the call to give.

Take a look at the Inspiring Artists and Donors who have helped make the work we've done this year possible.

2020 Donors

$1 - 99

Luci K., Grace N., Laura B., Aviliee G., Kelly L., Carla T., Evella T.,

Maybell D., Joyce H., Courtney H., Keely J., Lauren L., Nathaniel L.,

Evans M., Yadher N., Albert R., Dorothy D., Kat M., Tricia M., Tim N.,

Cat S., Ryan S., Stephanie B., Julie G., Glynis H., Cheryl M., Teri N.,

Teresa O., Kristen T., Sandra C., Christy H., Sylvia N., Cliff S., Lily B.,

Karen C., Tom C., Eric H., Carol B., Sally F., Christy G., David S.,

$100 - 500

Judity B., Larry B., Gale B., Mary B., Shirley C., Marvi D., Jeanie G.,

Robbynn G., Diane G., Tricia G., Jill H., Susan K., Mornette M.,

Janet M., Martin M., Ron & Nina P., Harry R., David S., Owen S.,

Barbara S., Jan S., Jo Anne W., Kathi L., Virginia F., Jane A., Julienne M.,

Ron B., Maureen M., Bonnie C., Lisa W., Kathleen I., Ronald L., Anna B., Moyer & Associates, Brenden & Elizabeth S., Johanna S.

$501 - 999

Elizabeth K.,

Michelle W.,


Don & Ginger A.,

Diana C.

2020 Inspiring Artists

2020 Inspiring Arts Organizations

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